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Global Advantage is a trusted and distinguished provider of global mobility services including dual citizenship, permanent residency and golden visa options. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering exceptional results, we are dedicated to helping individuals and families unlock new possibilities and achieve your aspirations.

Who we help

Our clients are typically motivated by various factors; such as enhancing their quality of life, expanding their business opportunities, gaining access to better education and healthcare systems, tax planning, greater global mobility and securing a Plan B in case of political or economic instability in their home country.

We provide services to the following client categories:

High Net Worth Individuals:

Individuals or families with significant financial resources who can afford the required investment amounts and are willing to make a substantial financial commitment to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in their chosen country.


Entrepreneurs who are looking to establish or expand their business operations in a foreign country and who recognize the potential benefits of having a base in a more favourable business environment or gain a gateway to new markets.

Frequent Travellers:

Frequent travellers who need greater mobility and ease of travel across borders for business or leisure, where obtaining permanent residency or dual citizenship in a foreign country provides them with more favourable visa-free travel options and ease of movement across borders.

Retirement Seekers:

Individuals or couples who are looking for a peaceful and attractive retirement destination with a pleasant climate, good healthcare facilities and a benign tax environment.

Families Seeking Better Opportunities:

Families with children who require tax residency or dual citizenship in a third country to provide their children with access to better education, career opportunities and a globally connected future.

Individuals from Politically or Economically Unstable Regions:

Individuals from regions facing political or economic instability may seek permanent residency and/or dual citizenship in another country as a means of risk mitigation, safeguarding assets and securing their family’s future in a more stable country.

Globally Minded Individuals:

Internationally minded individuals who are willing to embrace new cultures and value the concept of securing permanent residency and/or dual citizenship in another country to diversify their options for living, working and investing across borders.

What keeps you awake at night?

Embarking on the path of Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Residency by Investment (RBI) programs can evoke a spectrum of concerns. From navigating complex legalities to ensuring a secure financial investment, our mission is to address these common apprehensions. At Global Advantage, we understand the anxieties that often accompany such transformative decisions. With expert guidance and a commitment to transparency, we aim to provide clarity and confidence, helping you embark on your journey towards global opportunities with assurance.


The complexity of the emigration process:

The emigration process can be complex and time-consuming, causing you stress and uncertainty. You worry about meeting the eligibility requirements and completing the necessary documentation and procedures.


The reliability and trustworthiness of service providers:

You worry about selecting a reputable and trustworthy service provider who can guide you through the emigration process and ensure that your investment is safe and secure.


The financial risk of your investment:

These programs require significant financial investments, which may be a source of stress and worry for you. There is concern about the financial risk of the investment and whether it will yield the expected returns and benefits.


The success of your application:

You worry about the success of your application for permanent residency and/or dual citizenship, and whether you will be approved for your desired destination. This can be particularly stressful if you are investing significant time and money in the process.


The potential impact on your family:

You worry about the potential impact of immigration on your family, including the disruption to your daily lives and the challenges of adapting to a new culture and environment.

Understanding these concerns and addressing them proactively can help to build trust and confidence and ensure you feel supported throughout the process.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading provider of global mobility services, we offer:

Proven track record of success

Tailored solutions for your specific needs

Extensive experience and expertise

Confidentiality and discretion at all times

Unwavering commitment to client satisfaction

Global network and strategic partnerships

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